GMC Properties
Guiding Principles

At GMC Properties we believe how you do anything; is how you do everything. Our Guiding Principles highlight our strong beliefs and values that are used in every decision we make, whether at a corporate level or day to day on property. Always committed, never compromising.

We pursue excellence in all we do.

We strive to continually improve our products and services, our human and community relations, the safety of our operations, and our financial performance.

Customers are our focus.

We anticipate, understand, and meet our customers’ changing needs and expectations.

Involved employees are our most important assets.

We give our best and work to create an environment that provides each of us the opportunity to reach our potential.

Financial success keeps us in business.

To prosper, both as employees and a business, we must maintain the financial strength of our company and provide a competitive return to our owners.

We are involved, responsible citizens.

We maintain our tradition of citizenship and service through actions that demonstrate our care for the people and the environment around us.

Teamwork is a way of life.

We work as partners with our co-workers, our residents, and our communities to achieve mutual goals. Trust and respect are the foundations of our team approach.

Integrity is never compromised.

Our actions and decisions reflect the highest ethical and professional standards.